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CENSORED by PeacestarRunner CENSORED :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 5 10 KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON by PeacestarRunner KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 6 6 The flames flare up... by PeacestarRunner The flames flare up... :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 7 21 Work-in-progress-- Ciaoloid by PeacestarRunner Work-in-progress-- Ciaoloid :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 1 63
BritishInvasion- Story
America was walking down the long pathway to the meeting place they'd agreed on this year. It was such a pain, going a jillion and a half miles away just to do the same old thing. He'd suggest something AWESOME, big bro would disagree, France would oppose them all, everyone would argue until Germany yelled and Italy monologued about the food they served.
He made his way, traipsing down the sidewalk, adjusting his wig. For once, England had a good idea. The Beatles were addictive, and his people loved it. America usually hated actual suits, but hey, he thought he looked JUST like Paul if he took his glasses off.
Just as he thought that, he heard a voice behind him.
"Whoa... America? Are you wearing...A Beatle wig?!"
"U-uh, well, heh heh, funny story, Iggy, funny story. Uhh, well..."
"Yes?" England had a smug smile on his face.
"I'm holding it. For a friend. Uh, well, Italy! North Italy! He said he wanted me to hang on to it. Wi
:iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 1 33
CrappyHallopic by PeacestarRunner CrappyHallopic :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 2 30 The British Invasion by PeacestarRunner The British Invasion :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 9 60
"This is it", he said to himself. "I'll show them all what rock can be... I just hope the world gives them a chance." He was stressed, that was for sure. No one had really heard what he was going to call his group... They were just four scruffy-haired leather-jacketed ruffian teddy boys before their manager got to them... Sure, they looked decent now, but the sound... it was entrancing before they got their ties on.
England looked out the window. He remembered the pain they'd all gone through. Two lost their parents, one almost lost their life. One was happy as a child, but was too quiet, and got teased. Poor thing. The boy's mom only wanted to send the poor thing some cookies before the four headed over to an old enemy of his country's... They were excited, though. They thought maybe this could be a chance at the big time. England ran down the corridors, a new burst of energy in his blood, a sudden zeal in his mind.
He was determined.
Determined to make the boys proud.
He ran into the
:iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 4 20
TheAcademyDoodle by PeacestarRunner TheAcademyDoodle :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 0 24 Welcome In Mattykins by PeacestarRunner Welcome In Mattykins :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 2 64
Cantarella -Story-
He put on the mask he’d been saving for that very night. He flipped it over in his hands and sighed. It’s been so long, he thought. Tonight is the night...
He ran up to the room. It was right by the courtyard, and at night, the gigantic window was always open. He snuck in and walked to the bed. Leaning in, he thought This is it... The girl, Taylin, let out a little sigh and smiled.
He gave her a quick kiss and her eyes snapped open. She sat up and gasped. “Who… Who are you?!”
“I’m simply a fan, my angel. Your enchanting music today brought me here.”
”Go away! Please!!” She pulled her sheets over herself and turned beet red.
”No, please. Calm down.” He held up his hand over her head and a shower of petals came down. “I’m simply here to congratulate you on your magnificent playing.” She stared and a chill went down her spine. “Please... Take this as a token of my affection, my dear.
:iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 5 17
Cantarella Remake pic 1 by PeacestarRunner Cantarella Remake pic 1 :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 4 80 BeatleKittehsluvj00 by PeacestarRunner BeatleKittehsluvj00 :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 23 54 PastaInTheMorning by PeacestarRunner PastaInTheMorning :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 3 62 Pic for Julia FINALLY by PeacestarRunner Pic for Julia FINALLY :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 2 123 Prose feels the music by PeacestarRunner Prose feels the music :iconpeacestarrunner:PeacestarRunner 3 46
I've got all types of crazy crap!

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Halloween geek spam time.

So, I got together an England cosplay. First pic of myself online ever ever, and I'm still kind of spazzing. Found my KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON shirt, which I haven't seen since... mid-august.

I got this all together, and thought "Why just use this in the evening? I'll put this on and make an idiot of myself in broad daylight in public!" And make an idiot of myself I did.
I freaked out a few girls dressed as witches, made friends with a dark fairy, nearly glomped a Santa Claus, annoyed a zombie, and sang a French song in soprano IC. Oh, and that's not all.
I found a Peter Pan (a full grown man) and I blurted out the following, completely IC.

Me: *Acting like he's an old friend* Peter! Oh, Lord, it's been much too long. My, my, I haven't seen you since you were a little manuscript!
"Peter Pan": Uhhh....
Me: But you said you'd never grow up. *reaches up to his head, a good foot or two above mine* What's all this up here...?
"Peter Pan": *Laughs and nods for lack of anything else to say*

I made a team of athletes laugh at the little girl-boy thing who was half their size, adressed the two people who thought I was Justin Bieber ("Not Bieber. I am a proper English gentleman. Hmph."), tricked two people into thinking I was a man until I opened my mouth, and escorted a pirate wench and Princess Peach, arms locked, heads high.

Posted the pic, which was taken shortly after blushing and giggling like a madwomann after a song with some rather special significance came up *coughmydearFrancecough*, and got four faves in a matter of hours (Love you guys!) and encouragement from an Arthur -copslaying goddess. :iconneverdreamchild: :heart:

I have more to tell, but no time. See ya!

(...Edited. So many typos.)
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